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D-Ring | Forged | Pair | Black


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Rough CountryΓÇÖs Forged D-Rings offer superior strength and reliability in a great-looking package. Upgrade your vehicle with these high-quality, ultra-durable forged D-rings so youΓÇÖre sure to never get into a situation you canΓÇÖt get out of! Rough CountryΓÇÖs Forged D-Rings are made a thick, solid-steel construction to aid in any recovery efforts you encounter. The aggressive, bold design and stamped ΓÇ£RCΓÇ¥ logo give your vehicle an eye-catching, aggressive appearance that smaller d-rings just canΓÇÖt offer. Each forged D-ring is designed to work with standard-sized ┬╛ hooks and feature a heavy duty threaded bolt to ensure your recovery point holds strong no matter whatΓÇÖs before you.

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Weight11.5 lbs
Dimensions14 × 5.75 × 2.5 in


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